In real world, homosexual community has always been considered low and has been treated very badly. Homosexuals have to face a numerous problems due to this reason. This film is based on the life of a homosexual person. It shows the pain that a homosexual person feels and experiences when people laugh at them.


This film has shown a homosexual person has a part of the society. The situation and condition they are experiencing has been revealed and has been taken into consideration in this film.


In the film Meghdhanushya, three (3) stages of life have been shown:


1)Child    2) Young     3) Old age


“Tanmay” is the character who has played the role of a gay person in this film. His life has been shown in the movie.


During childhood, he initially experiences the feeling of behaving like a female. His parents worry for their child’s such kind of behavior. They consult a Doctor. Day by day, it so happens that due to parents’ pressure and the societal system, the boy’s childhood is wasted and all goes in vain.


During young age, he is pressurized for marriage. Other students in his college laugh at him and consider him a “special” person! Finally, he has to leave his home.


In old age, the struggle of two gays, Tanmay and Aniket has been shown. They adopt a child, give him a name “Shlok” and grows him to be a successful businessman. But they do not stay with Shlok because they don’t want their child to face the odd faces of the society. As time passes, a girl name Disha enters in Shlok’s life. They want to marry each other. But, again, the same issue of Shlok’s parents’ to be gay comes in the way of their life.


In this way, both the characters are shown facing the seen or unseen obstacles of the well-civilized society and they keep on facing it one after another. Every scene in the film brings a new concept to the mind. Every part can also be taken as an independent story. Here, the film divided in 3 parts is a story of a single person that has disclosed the pain, tears, experienced and felt by a homosexual person from birth till death. This is what Meghdhanushya is all about. The dark colour of life is what Meghdhanushya is all about.


Bhim vakani – He is famous gujarati – hindi actor who has already acted in various hindi movie lagan, swadesh, what’s your rashi, jodha akbar etc. He is a father of disha vakani (Daya – Tarak Mehtaka Ulta Chasma)

Mitresh varma – Gujarati Film & Tv Artist with experience of more then 70 gujarati films and 7 hindi films. He has already acted in 30 + Drama.

Some of movie : Maiyar Ni Maya, Rangili, Jakhmi Insan, Tame Jitya ane ame harya, Bevafa Pardesi, Prem Ek Puja etc.

Bhaumik Nayak – In Meghdhanushya, He is playing role of young gay (Tanmay).His acting and performance are fulfilling character of gay in this movie.

Drama Act in Sapna Sajave Mara Sajana, Dharma Lap, Shri Somnath, Jay Rudramahal, Halva Karma no Narsaiyo, Vaikunth No Photo, Svapna Vasav Datta, Dak Ghar, Sham ni Baa, Kabuli vala, Malela Jiv Etc.

Jeet Upendra – In other word, he is star of gujarati film and one of actor who counted among the top actors in regional movie. With experience of 80+ movie like pran jay pan prit na jay, Dil Dosti And dusman, Doba Toba Toba

Jeet Swadiya – New talented Debute from baroda

Alpna Majumdar – Famous TV, Film and Drama Actress

Rahi Tintoliya – Responsible actor from gujarati

film industry. His Gujarati movie : Aankhaldi Tarse Piyu Ni Vaat Ma, Mahisagar Ni Sougandh, Zanzar Ne Zankaare, Shyam Wanted Radha,Hu Premi No.1 etc. Urdu Seriels : Nek Khaatun, Ta’alluk-1, Ta’alluk-2, Pashemaan. Documentry : Bas Ek Bund Paani(Nomineted For Dada Saheb Falke Award) & Plays

Aasha panchal – She is talented actress who has played various and challenging role in lohi na soghandh ma bhulavi mari prit,vishvas ni ghat, mojila mama, lekh suhagan na, sati dudhi mata, valam jule haiya na hindole etc.




Mahendra Patel (Producer)

He is from Canada. He had taken creativity as hobby. Previously, he has also produced a film in Hollywood for the film company Ozone. He has studied cinematography in U.K

Dr.K.R.Devmani (Director)

He is an Ayurvedic Doctor. He has mastered in indian classical music. He has acquired the training of professional training of film-making from Theater Media Centre. Doordarshan pays his TV series named “Suswagatam”. He is known for doing new experiments.

Co – Producer – Rajesh Chauhan (Bawaji)

Story & Script  – Bharat Devmani

Music – Alarakha Kalawat

Poem Writer – Milan Devmani

Editor – Dharmesh Chachadiya

Post Production – Ghanshyam Talaviya


1. For the first time, songs in a movie are replaced by 6 poems as a part of the emotional subject.

2. Famous musician Allarakha kalavat has given Indian classical music in the film. Famous personality Hriday Desai (Sarod Vadak) has arranged the music as per the scene.

3. For poems, the voice over of

      – RJ Dhvanit

      – RJ Devki has been used

4. The Prince of Rajpipla, Manvendrasinh Gohil, leads the Gay community in the whole of North India and the World too. He has also attended the world famous Ophrah Winfrey’s talk-show. He has taken an initiative to give a special message in this film. Sylvestar Merchant and Ankur Patil are also homosexuals and they 5. too, have come up with a special message in this film.
6. This is the first film in Gujarati as well as Indian Cinema where a “Gay” is shown as the “Hero” of the film. Here, the real mindset and mentality of gays has been shown.
 Otherwise, they are just taken as a medium of laughter in other films.
7.  There is no sexual scene in the film. It’s a family drama and can be watched with the whole family. The film is full of clean words, creativity and interest.
8. Modern technology has been used in this film. Beautiful locations have been filmed. Its very different compared to other gujarati films. This film covers one of the most important topics of the society. This film is full of excitement and entertainment. We have tried our best to give you the best of the quality